Brand Kneissl

• Complete Hydration
• Enhanced Stamina and Faster Recovery
• Sustained Focus
• Reduced Muscle Cramps and Injuries
• Proven to reduce the build-up of Lactic Acid by 46%

Totum sport is a 100% natural supplement that helps you take your performance to the next level. Power your performance with Totum Sport. Rapidly replace every electrolyte lost during exercise, and achieve complete cellular hydration.

Containing 78 electrolytes and trace elements, including Sodium, Chloride, Magnesium, Potassium and Zinc, in the perfect proportions for your body. Totum Sport has superior benefits including faster recovery, complete hydration, reduced muscle injuries and enhanced stamina, strength and speed. Totum Sport is proven to prevent the build up of lactic acid by 46%.

Only Totum Sport provides your body with the complete 78 electrolytes in the correct proportions that your cells need to function effectively. It enhances nutrient uptake at a cellular level to replenish glycogen stores and amino acids to improve recovery time for enhanced performance.

The nutrient-rich solution is transported under carefully controlled conditions to our pharmaceutical grade laboratories. It then undergoes a cold-microfiltration process to ensure absolute sterility and safety. Maximum quality assurance is ensured at all times. Every batch is tested three times; when entering the Laboratories, after filtration (to test pH and salinity), and before going out to the consumer. Each batch is also tested and approved by Informed Sport, ensuring it is safe for athletes to take. It is then packaged to best practice according to EU GMP guidelines. This is to a far higher accreditation level than is required for food supplements.

When you demand maximum performance, Totum Sport will keep you hydrated and stronger for longer – making the difference between winning and losing. It’s the best way to prepare your body before, during and after any sport.