Kneissl build their skis the premium way

It is the highest quality standard in ski production that combines premium natural materials with advanced technology resulting in a high performing ski.

Sandwich Sidewall Technology

This is the premium way to build skis. It represents the highest quality standard. A combination of top high tech materials guarantees the best performance you can ever get out of a ski.

Optimal torsion

Direct power transmission on the edges

Excellent stiffness and solidity

Excellent dampening and oscillation characteristics

Light weight construction

Unmatched durability

    Modelling oneself on nature is a standard that we at Kneissl take literally.

    Natural materials, like wood, are highly functional and they inspire us with their characteristics day by day. 
    That’s why we only build skis with wood-core in sandwich-technology. The interconnectivity of man, nature, 
    highest quality standards in technique and “Product Performance” with pure design and the fire of discovery 
    for the perfect moment – that’s is for what Kneissl stands for.