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Double Deck Snowboard


The snowboard for beginners, advanced and professionals: No tilting. No dangerous falls. An easier turn initiation. Higher jumps.

The new developed technology of CONVEX PRESSURE BOW SYSTEM® (CPS) makes DOUBLEDECK® a revolution. A curved bow is mounted on the complete length of the snowboard (motherboard).

Thanks to the INVERSE CONCAVE BENDING SYSTEM® (ICS), the motherboard and thus the entire board can be additionally bent in its longitudinal axis by up to 45 degrees.

This allows, through the pressure over the patented CPS® arc construction, a better power transmission to the edges. Beginners and advanced snowboarders benefit from the enhanced carving effect, thanks to the SUPERSLIDE RAILSYSTEM® (SRS). This makes the snowboarding experience much more intuitive and intense.

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