For decades, the Kneissl brand has stood for innovation, success, and cutting edge technology. Numerous players have broken into the ranks of the world elite with Kneissl rackets, including: ivan lendl, Pavel slozil, Kevin Curren, sergio Bruguera, Boris Becker, Babsi schett, Barbara Paulus, Jürgen Melzer, Thomas Muster, Horst Skoff, Gilbert Schaller, Markus Hipfl, and most recently Anastasija Sevastova, 
who is currently establishing herself as one of the best players in the world.

Kneissl continually brings fresh, creative impetus to the development of the tennis racket. And in so doing, we always have one thought in mind: We want to improve your game and make rackets that enhance your style of play in the best way possible. Kneissl for more power, precision, and perfection.

Kneissl Aerodynamic Frame Spoiler

Guarantees a fast racket head. A unique cover for the string bed following stringing improves the aerodynamics of the frame by 30% and protects the strings from external influences. Every tennis player – from beginner to professional – appreciates the importance of racket maneuverability. one short test is enough to experience for yourself the outstanding handling of the Kneissl racket with frame spoiler.

Kneissl More Area Channel

Provides the largest of sweet spots and, as a result, ultimate playing comfort together with superb ball control. A powerful racket in every way. often copied, but never equaled. With the More-Area-Channel running around the inside of the frame and the string eyelets recessed therein, the sweet spot practically explodes.

Kneissl Kevlar Tendons

Two tendons, each comprising four layers of Kevlar and which completely stabilize the racket, prevent the frame from deflecting too far when the ball is hit and ensure an instant return to its original shape.

ultimate acceleration
perfect control
best possible arm protection

Kneissl Square Stringing Technology

With conventional rackets, the strings form a net of different sized rectangles; hence, the direction of the ball is dependent on where exactly it hits the racket. Not so with the new Kneissl Square models. The strings are arranged in such a way that the intersections form equally sized squares over the entire hitting surface. The direction of the ball is therefore always the same as the swing direction – irrespective of where it hits the racket. As soon as you play your first shots, you notice that the ball is going exactly where you want it to. The red arrows visualize the Kneissl Square Effect.

Kneissl String Tuning

Professionals and recreational players alike appreciate the benefits of different racket string tensioning and can use this to add drive to their game. With Kneissl String Tuning, however, you can go one step further. Now you can string the racket with 18 or 16 main strings, just as you please, without holes being left free or string spacing being different. Discover your preferred style of play. With 18 main strings, you can tune your racket to create a piece of equipment that guarantees outstanding ball control and a little less power. If, on the other hand, you need to add a little more power to your game, then 16 main strings are the ideal solution.

Kneissl One Piece Construction

One Piece Construction: Because racket head and grip should form a single unit. No grip shells; no foam grips. The grip is manufactured with the racket in a single piece. The result:

maximum arm protection
no vibration
greatest ball control