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Doubledeck Snowboard

Doubledeck Snowboard

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DOUBLEDECK®- the revolution in snowboarding.

  • No dangerous falls, no tilting - innovative CONVEX PRESSURE BOW SYSTEM® technology
  • Durable - sustainable refurbished program
  • Nice to nature - 75 percent recyclable

The technology revolution

Thanks to the patented DOUBLEDECK® CPS and ICS technology, the board provides you with faultless, easy turn initiation, playful turning and perfect grip in the turns. Tilting is almost impossible. The DOUBLEDECK® Bow also inspires passionate riders:

  • More safety for all snowboarders (no canting) right from the start.
  • less effort
  • less strain on the joints
  • more control at high speed
  • Mega pop at the jump

The sustainability revolution

DOUBLEDECK® is the world's first fully circularly developed and produced snowboard. It consistently implements the idea of reusable material cycles: long life cycles and no environmentally harmful waste.

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